Cruzin' along on my bike

Oh what a feeling it would be the wind in my hair pedaling along the lovely nature trails unwinding from the day. If only I had a bike. I am pretty sure I have the bike I want all picked out, the only problem is it is way out of my price range at the moment. So until I find an extra $300 I will just have to gaze wistfully at the photo, won't you join me.

Isn't she beautiful! She has 7 speeds ( just enough for the terrain around here) a big cushy seat and nice wide tires (to haul my big butt around). Best of all she is candy apple red! If you would like to read her full specks check out her maker Giant Bicycles.


New Addition to the House

Munchkin has been pretending to make different kinds of food and serving it to DH and I on his Tupperware party set for several weeks now.

So we decided Munchkin needed his own kitchen to cook to his little hearts content, and possibly make a few new things for DH and I to eat. So we added a second kitchen to our house. (It was a steal at the children's consignment store.)

And for those of you who are wondering, yes Munchkin is secure enough in his boyhood to cook in a pink and purple kitchen!


Brunette vs Brunet

As many know I am by no means the greatest speller, but when it comes to important things I try to be very careful about spell checking things. So before I chose this blog name I spellchecked it in MS Word. (so it must be correct, right?) Well I have now learned that I need to use the online dictionary to be sure I have the correct meaning as well as the correct spelling. The word used to describe someone with dark brown or black hair is Brunet or Brunette(according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Well the twist is, when spelled brunet it is typically used to describe a boy or man and when spelled brunette it is typically used to describe a girl or woman. So of course I need to correct this over site being a woman and a type A personality. So welcome to the new female version of my blog.