Tasty Treat

For Christmas we received some pre-packaged rice crispy treats with a layer of chocolate peanut butter on top. When they ran out, Hubby mentoned that he really liked them as a desert in his lunch. I looked at the package and tryed to figure out where they were puchaced, Target I think. But I then had a better idea, make home made ones. I was thinking that it would be cheaper to make them than buy them. I never did price the pre-packaged ones, because Hubby proclaimed the homemade ones far supiror. So I now make a batch about once a month.

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DIY Again

So the other day I went to get a glass of water from the water dispenser in the door of my Frigidaire, and this happened.
It just snapped right off!

I used some epoxy to try to reattach it but that didn't work and smelled real bad. So I have ordered a new part and will attempt to remove the broken one and install a new one. I will report back.


New addition to our family

Wow it has been awhile since I posted. Facebook is soo addicting.

Anyhow, we acquired a new addition to out little family yesterday. Meet Silly the fish. It is actually a calico goldfish. My son named the fish Silly before he even decided which fish to bring home.
WELCOME to your new home SILLY!