New Shoes!

So new shoes are always fun, but my new MBTs are about the best shoes I have ever purchased. The look a little out of the ordinary but they feel like I am walking on a cloud! I was first introduced to MBTs by my aunt who was wearing a pair and she told me all about them (she loves hers). I was very intrigued and always looking for something to help me burn calories without a lot of effort. (Yes I am Lazy with a capital "L"). So I have been thinking of buying a pair of MBTs for about 6 months, but I wanted to do more research (and hoping I would have another job to so I would have to drain my savings for them). Don't get me wrong I don't mind paying good money for a good shoe that is going to last, but I was still unsure of how well they worked.

This past week I have been suffering from extreme back pain and sciatica and all I could think about was how to stop the pain and what can I do to prevent it coming back? So, I started further research and discovered that people with chronic back pain were singing the MBT praises. I wanted to try a pair on before committing to buying to see if I could handle the squishy unbalanced feeling, but the closest store is 30 miles away and not a mall I like to go too. So I found an online store that has free shipping and free return shipping (Footwear ect.). No loss if I return them!

Here are the ones I bought. I think they are soo cute and how appropriate that they are pink for October!

They arrived yesterday and I immediately put them on and for the first time all week my back felt better! I am so not returning these and I am telling everyone I know about them! My goal is to build up to wearing them all day long by the end of the month so I can wear them on our vacation to the amusement park.


Simply Stamps said...

those are cute. I want a pair, but my husband would KILL me!

Knitting Nurd said...

Those are so not what I was expecting Karen! They are very cute!!!!