Brunette vs Brunet

As many know I am by no means the greatest speller, but when it comes to important things I try to be very careful about spell checking things. So before I chose this blog name I spellchecked it in MS Word. (so it must be correct, right?) Well I have now learned that I need to use the online dictionary to be sure I have the correct meaning as well as the correct spelling. The word used to describe someone with dark brown or black hair is Brunet or Brunette(according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Well the twist is, when spelled brunet it is typically used to describe a boy or man and when spelled brunette it is typically used to describe a girl or woman. So of course I need to correct this over site being a woman and a type A personality. So welcome to the new female version of my blog.


Antevasin said...

LOL...love it Caren (with a "C")!!

Laurie said...

What have I been bugging you about forever...spelling. How funny!

Grammar Cop said...

It's oversight, not over site. You definitely can use some help with spelling.